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Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

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    Project 52
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    Religion and Politics
    If I counted the hours, I would not be at all surprised to learn that I spend roughly twelve hours a day thinking about, or reading about, politics. A smallish percent of that is devoted to the intersection of politics and religion. Which lead to this morning's reading of A florist caught between faith and financial ruin in the Christian Science Monitor. I cannot recall ever feeling so torn between two incompatible beliefs, the belief that one has to live up to the dictates of one's own morals/religion and other being that discrimination is flat out wrong.

    Eventually I remembered about those religious sermons concerning slavery and how the bible said slavery was A-Okay. Eventually the church caught up and decided that slavery was a bad thing but I don't remember how, exactly, that change took place. I wish I could because I think whatever strategy was used then will have to be re-employed to correct church thinking and teaching when it comes to marriage.

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